We are always pleased to hear from people that have used Amour G, aka Spider, or own any of his offspring. 

"I decided to fulfil my lifelong ambition to breed from my treasured mare Springwatch No Joke (Myrtle) and wanted a 2014 foal. I had spotted Amour G several years before at the stallion event at Hartpury and he really caught my eye, all his qualities totally complimenting my mare's. I contacted Pippa quite some time before I planned to breed and she was so helpful. I then met up with her and Spider at the stallion event at the start of 2013 and was so impressed with his gentle demeanour and relaxed attitude in the stable and I knew for certain then he was the stallion for me. Then it was the waiting game until my mare started to come into season that spring - as per usual she chose to have her cycles at the most awkward time possible and I knew that she would be in season over both the May bank holidays that year (I wanted an April foal). But Pippa was brilliant, once I had filled in all the paperwork (very straight forward and easy) I kept in regular touch with her and she was most flexible about when she was going to take Spider to stud to collect the semen. As it happened we were good to go the day after May Day Bank holiday, the semen arrived promptly on the Wednesday morning with my vet and Myrtle was inseminated. My vet kept a small sample herself to test the motility of the sperm and was so impressed she phoned me later that day to say how good it was. Myrtle took first time and 21 days post insemination was declared in foal. Pippa kept in touch with me throughout the pregnancy, a personal touch that I really liked, and then on 3rd of April 2014 Myrtle gave birth to a stunning coloured colt who has been named A Little Miracle, as he is that for me in so many ways. He was a big healthy strong foal, and despite his size and being a maiden mare Myrtle had a text book birth!!! Miracle has an amazing disposition, from day 1 he showed how bold and strong he was going to be. He is so brave (something his mother is not) but so gentle (a good job as currently at nearly 11 months he is already over 15hh!!) and so well mannered. He is intelligent and quick to learn, but not at all colt like (I haven't had him gelded yet, but he has such amazing manners you wouldn't realise it!). Unfortunately I didn't make it to the BEF Futurity this summer due to my other mare being poorly, but was able to take him to his first show in September, not a small one either, Oxfordshire and Thame County show, where not only did he behave amazingly, turn heads everywhere we went, but he came away with the foal championship! He has spent the winter living out with his mum and then was weaned at the start of 2015, again, no stress, no worry, just accepted that he was a big boy now and went off to play with his buddies! I plan to try to get him to a few shows this year (once we have transformed him from a wooly monster back into the stunning youngster he now is!) and know that the relaxed brave disposition he has inherited from his dad and his intelligence and loving nature that is just like his mum I am going to have years of fun with him. Pippa follows his progress with a keen and interested eye, which as a mare owner is so nice to have, as so often to stallion owners you are just another stud fee paid....I have to say I thank my lucky stars every day when I look at Miracle that I am one of the honoured horse owners to have an Amour G foal....I would love to give Miracle a full brother or sister some years down the line when Myrtle is a bit older and ready to step down from competing for a bit once more...I know if I do ever breed from her again, there is only 1 stallion I would ever choose...obviously Amour G."

Helen Mason, Oxfordshire

I have been responsible for producing three foals by Amour G and have found the service from Groomsbridge stud and Pippa to be excellent. Ordering of the semen was straight forward, they did not require excessive notice for collection and the semen was handled and packaged extremely well. Consequently the seem arrived in excellent condition, had good motility and was excellent quality. All three pregnancies were achieved following the first insemination which is a good indication of the fertility rates which can be expected with semen of such high quality. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this stallion to mare owners.

Andrea Smith MRCVS, Herts

"I cannot thank Pippa and her tireless effort enough for all her help and bending over backwards to ensure we got out shipment of semen within optimum time. Mares are not known for reading the book on breeding and despite careful ultra sounding Delicia snuck up a big egg that was going to ovulate within 24 hours. A panicked phone call to Pippa at 11am on the Tuesday resulting in us having semen at our vet centre by 8am on Wednesday. Being a sneaky mare Delicia had ovulated over night but we knew it was within a 12 hour window so we inseminated and hoped for he best. The vet was very positive stating what excellent swimmers Amour G had. Indeed we need not have worried, we had a very healthy positive pregnancy diagnosis at 15 days post insemination and exactly 11 months (333 days post insemination) our mare gave birth to the most gorgeous colt foal. I cannot thank Pippa enough for her efforts. I was very impressed with the service I received and Pippa herself is so supportive and welcoming, inviting me to visit Amour G not only at home but also at the British Dressage National championship where 'Spider' shows off his amazing temperament, disposition and paces. Qualities he has passed on to our colt and his son, Axton D. Everyone who meets 'Harley' comments on his wonderful paces, sweet temperament and calm disposition. I had been planning this breeding for a while as I have enjoyed watching Spider grow and improve. I can honestly say he stamps quality onto all his youngstock and am planning to send Delicia back to him when Harley is 3 years old as I am so impressed with the quality he produces.''

Rachel Smyth, Kent


 If you're looking for a stallion with the temperament and ability with a splash of colour here he is. Amour G has modified my kwpn mare adding ease of movement and lightness to my colt who at only 6 weeks old gained a first premium  with no negative comments. Amours Brave Heart is bold, confident, defined and has the most amazing temperament I have known. Adding some of the best bloodlines to his dam's pedigree I have high hopes for him and would most defiantly use Amour G again. My mare was 16 at the time and took first time via chilled semen. Pippa's knowledge and helpfulness along with speedy great service for the despatch of semen was 5 star can't not recommend enough.

Janine Aedy, Essex

In 2010 I had been hunting through websites looking for the ideal sire for my next foal. Having already had a Balou du Rouet, I was going to go back to Schockmöhle again for my lovely mare Dolores H (Dream of Glory - Donnerhall - Pik Bube). It was then on Horse Gossip forum I spotted Amour G. It was his name that attracted me to look at the advert. When I opened it and saw him I thought he was beautiful...... But I didn't really want a coloured.... I kept going back to him and have always been a firm believer that a good horse is never a bad colour. I had to look past this because I loved everything about him. Amour G (Spider) is beautifully put together with a super pedigree to complement my mare, a lovely kind outlook and a multi purpose stallion. Although I don't show my sports horses much I am a stickler for conformation and they must have good limbs and feet! Pippa was very helpful and easy to deal with. Dolci was inseminated at my local vets and was scanned infoal with the first insemination. On 15th of April 2011, Amour Ami (Indi) was born. A huge strong coloured filly! I had been convinced with my mare being chestnut and having a lot of chestnut in her pedigree, I would probably get another chestnut! Little did I know .... It was a wonderful surprise. After meting Spider, Pippa and Daniel at Hartpury in 2013, I was very impressed by all of them! They are a great team. Spider was everything I hoped he would be. Indi has been a very easy horse to produce, takes everything in her stride. She has such a kind demeanour and has matured into a lovely, level headed mare. She is to start her ridden education this year and I am excited to see what her future holds. She is sure to be a star just like her dam and lovely sire, Amour G.

Kim Tedcastle, Scotland

 Hi Pippa, Jan here with Cruise, where to start... I cannot say enough about this little horse. As you know I had Cruise from Michaela as a 2yr old and she said that he had a fabulous temperment and she could not have spoke a truer word. Many thanks to Kate Bowder who schools and competes him winning and scoring 70% + at prelim and they have only been out a handful of times now moving on to novice. I have shown him a couple of times also with great success and have taken him out with Trail Hounds jumping small fences and ditches. All these disciplines he as done with impeccable manners. We use him as our lead / babysitter horse for all our youngsters and nervous horses, he is always willing to please and try his very best  Horses with temperments like this are few and far between :)To have a great horse you must have a good temperment which enables you to train them whatever discipline you choose  so anyone who is thinking of using Amour G you will not be disappointed xx

Jan Rees, Wales

 "I have used Amour G three times on two different mares. Each time the mare took on the first cycle and the vet described the semen quality as excellent. The results, a bay colt and two coloured fillies, all have exceptional cadenced movement and bold, confident, equable temperaments. In addition all three have shown an inclination to jump when playing in the paddock and the bay in particular cleared a five bar gate at three months and as a two year old displayed effortless scope over a tall corner of hedges around his field!"

Lindsay Moffat, Scotland

We have two fillies by Amour G out of our sprinting bred thoroughbred broodmare. The first, rising four this year has been shown very successfully in hand in sport horse classes, gaining many first places and a county championship win as a two year old. She has since been easy to back and ride away, is clever, quick to learn and athletic. The younger filly is rising two this year, like her sister she has excellent limbs and feet, is athletic and has a trainable temperament. We chose Amour G because of his excellent conformation, powerful movement, great feet and trainable temperament. He has certainly passed these attributes on and we couldn't be happier with our youngsters. 

Jackie Smith, Herts